Pere Lev


  • Email: pere (ÁŤ) towards (ḊÓT) vision
  • Fediverse: @ pere @
  • Matrix:
  • I receive SMS and phone calls on my laptop: +18022890080
  • I have an always-on landline home phone, ask me for the number in private
  • Jabber/XMPP:
  • IRC: fr33domlover on Libera Chat and other networks
  • Scuttlebutt: @BuxFomzQuWKBldsJM4a3w5fPHFrHZSxcZ/H6vxd8ong=.ed25519
  • Tox: 04D592B2F53BA54F21E28DE8A5EF80AB5AB217A4D5C843FF1107D9C72E96061AEB11D9DF46FE


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